Always dreamed of learning to ski or want to teach your kids to snowplough? Want to improve your technique or experience new sensations?

Our French Ski School (ESF), our International Ski School (ESI) and our independent instructors will be delighted to welcome you all winter long on the slopes of Praz de Lys and Sommand.  Remember to book your lessons at the same time as your accommodation


Ecole du Ski Français du Praz de Lys

ESF - Praz de lys Sommand

The French Ski School, located in the village centre in Praz de Lys, offers lessons in skiing and other related board sports, in groups and individually for even more excitement!

The talented and State-certified instructors of the French Ski School in Praz de Lys will help you improve in any one of the numerous mountain activities practised at our beautiful resort of Praz de Lys Sommand


Ecole du Ski Français de Sommand

ESF - Praz de lys Sommand

The French Ski School is located at the foot of the slopes in Sommand.

ESF instructors offer individual and group skiing and snowboarding lessons, as well as lessons in other similar board sports, for adults and children (Club Piou Piou for ages 3-5). Introduction to biathlon, private lessons, seated skiing for persons with reduced mobility, ski touring introductory lessons and snowshoe outings are also available.


Ecole du Ski Internationale du Praz de Lys

ESI - Praz de lys Sommand

The International Ski School is located in the village centre in Praz de Lys.

ESI ski instructors offer group and individual skiing lessons and lessons in other similar board sports. Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, Telemark, Snowshoes, Ski touring, Back country…For beginners, experienced skiers or competitors wanting to improve, watch or share.
Our International Ski School instructors give out ESI medals to recognise the talent of your little riders.



Des moniteurs passionnés, plein d'expérience et de convivialité, proposent des leçons particulières et mini cours collectif sur Praz de Lys Sommand ! De quoi égayer vos vacances !

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