Church Notre Dame de la Nativité

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Rebuilt in 1895, Notre Dame de la Nativité contain some exceptional work of art.


The previous church from the 15th century was in a really bad conditions since a long time. In 1895, les Gets municipality decided to rebuild another one, in the same place, just a bit on the right to let the portal open on the street. Only the steeple as been retained. This parochial church contain many art works, but two of them are must seeing.

The Aeolian Automatic Philharmonic Organ.
A unique mechanical music instrument in Europe. Built in 1910, it's been list historical monument in 1989. This instrument is the property of the Mechanical Music Museum of les Gets. It's been restore from 1991 to 1994, and needed 10 000 hours of work. This philharmonic organ include more than 1000 pipes with thirteen organ sets, two percussions sets, two metallophones and a carillon. The pipes sets are perfectly adapted to the church with their different sounds of violin, flute, human voice, oboe, clarinet and trumpet. In addition of the manuel operation, a pneumatic system, with perforated paper rolls, enable the instrument to play automatically. Around 700 paper rolls enable a varied choice of scores.

"Le Christ dans sa Gloire" Tapestry.
Of Lurçat style, it's situated in the church choir. This tapestry representing the Christ glory, was made in the middle of the 20th century in Upper Egypt, and gathered in Aubusson manufactory. It has been weaved by the Father Philippe Ackermann, friend of Les Gets priest, trained in weaving looms in Upper Egypt. Jean Lurçat admirer, painter artist and tapestry creator, he is inspired by him and copy his symmetry art, the blazing colors and three motifs which are typical of his art : the sun, the animals bestiary, the foliage. The tapestry has been exposed to eventual buyers in Les Gets church, by his creator. The municipality has decided to buy it in 1970 and expose it in the church choir.


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  • Mountain location
  • Resort centre
  • Village centre


Free entry.

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All year round, daily.

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  • Unguided group tours available permanently

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  • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance
  • Possibility of drop-off in front of the site
  • Incline >5% but reasonable


  • History, culture and heritage : This church from the 19th century is really important for our local heritage. As well as it own history, it contain some exceptional art works.


From Morzine, at the village entrance on your left.
Form Taninges, at the vieux village exit in Morzine direction, on your right.
Recommand parking on the Préssenage car park.

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