Reblochon is the iconic cheese of the Savoie region of France and no holiday in the mountains would be complete without it… Mmmm, we’re drooling just thinking about it…

Here are our recipe ideas with reblochon cheese, bon appetit!

Fruitière des Hauts-Fleury - Mieussy - Alexandre Compain Croq'Alp Fruitière Hauts Fleury - Mieussy

Healthy Recipes

It’s possible! Who’d have thought? Reblochon cheese doesn’t necessarily mean a high-calorie meal on a winter’s night in front of the fire… It can also go very well with fruit and vegetables, cocktail nibbles, as part of a starter or a main course!

Tartine Reblochon, abricots secs, noisettes et roquette

tartineLa Haute-Savoie à portée de casseroles : nos meilleures recettes



Velouté Asperges et mousse de Reblochon

La Haute-Savoie à portée de casseroles : nos meilleures recettes

Approuved by the family !


Gratin de verdure au Reblochon

Recettes à base de reblochon - Praz de Lys Sommand

Delicious !


The traditional


Restaurant - Praz de Lys Sommand

Amazing !

Croq'Alp - Mieussy - Thomas Garcia
Follow in the footsteps of reblochon
Croq'Alp la maison du goût
Fruitière des Hauts Fleury - Mieussy - Thomas Garcia
Reblochon in your suitcase
La fruitière des Hauts-Fleury