Authenticity is the keyword

When the locals speak of their local heritage, they do so at length and with pride. When they speak of their land, they make a big deal of it. And you’ll love talking to them! In Praz de Lys, Sommand, Taninges and Mieussy, the days would need to be 36 hours long to have enough time to do everything there is on offer!


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La Chartreuse de Mélan

11 08 22 Chartreuse Melan Taninges┬® Alexandre Compain

Croq'Alp the house of taste

8 08 22 Fruitiere Mieussy┬® Alexandre Compain

Le Carillon


La maison du Patrimoine

156_2019.08_Tanninges∏Thomas Garcia

A Historic Walking Tour

Whether you explore alone or take a guided tour, you’ll most certainly be blown away! Our local architecture reflects the rich history of our department.  From the Chartreux monks to the forerunners of the tourism industry, from big construction companies to local craftspeople, within just a few metres, you’ll journey into the past and go home with some unforgettable memories from your stay here!

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Amandine Guide du Patrimoine Savoie Mont-Blanc