Great activities for a great holiday!

Choose Praz de Lys, Sommand, Taninges or Mieussy for your summer holiday and you are guaranteed not to get bored! There are all types of activities here, for all the family!

MAV Gilles Piel (1) Croq'Alp - Mieussy - Thomas Garcia

5 – Finding your balance


Fat Scoot d'Eté - Praz de Lys Sommand

Race down the slopes on this all-terrain scooter!


Tree Climbing


Learn to climb a tree or a 30-metre spruce!




Mountain biking, road biking or family trips by the riverside – there is a form of cycling for everyone.


4 – Biting off more than you can chew

Croq'Alp the House of taste

Croq'Alp - Mieussy - Thomas Garcia

Snack at the farm


Snail Farm

L'escargotière d'Arno - Mieussy - Alexandre Compain

3 - Enjoying the cultural melting-pot

Our villages are bursting with a wealth of heritage. Heritage buildings, cuisine and local produce, arts and crafts, traditions and local festivals…it would take years to explain everything to you! As a taster, the Chartreuse of Mélan and the Heritage Centre are open all summer. Unaccompanied visits or guided tours, fun workshops, treasure hunts and more. The important thing is to learn something!

La Maison du Patrimoine La Chartreuse de Mélan
Le Carillon l’église
Amandine Guide du Patrimoine Savoie Mont-Blanc

2 – Having the mountains at your feet

Outing to the Lac de Roy

Lac de Roy - Praz de Lys Sommand

It’s THE essential outing for families! If you keep quiet, you might even spot a marmot!

picnic paradise

Skilift of Haut-Fleury

See you at 2000 m up! The Haut-Fleury ski lift is open all summer so you and your family can go on outings.

Too easy

Marmot searching

marmotte - Praz de Lys Sommand

To head off in search of some unusual animals, just follow our mountain guides!


1 – Don’t get ahead of yourselves

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