Sommand – 1,500 m


The village of Sommand will delight you in both winter and summer, whether you are keen on sport or enjoy taking it easy. You can ski, hike, go flying, climb, fish, cycle, visit places of interest and above all enjoy yourself!


Sommand – 1,500 m

Savour the nature and the wide open spaces

The Sommand plateau, tucked away between the peaks of Rovagne, Chalune and le Haut-Fleury (even the names of the mountains here make you dream), is waiting to welcome you!

The surroundings are perfect for relaxing holidays far from the hustle and bustle of town. Take your time, enjoy a break and slow down!

Authenticity, simplicity and warmth and friendliness are the key words here. In both summer and winter, you will have everything you need, without any unnecessary extras – the most important thing is to enjoy the here and now! Skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, paragliding and cycling all have their own season and every person has their own way of exploring!

As for the flora and fauna, there is an exceptional peat bog located between the fir trees which is home to many very rare beauties which are protected like genuine treasure…take a look and dare to have an outdoor adventure!

This vast, high-altitude plateau is punctuated by traditional alpine farmhouses. Find your own cosy nest! You can hike to the sound of the cow bells, ski as the mood takes you…with the evening sun and the view across the valley from the little hamlet of Roche-Pallud, you will fall under this region’s spell, that’s for sure!

Go over the Col de la Ramaz and explore the Plateau de Praz de Lys!

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  • Paysage d'été - Praz de Lys Sommand