Mieussy 571m – 2011m

Mieussy: the birthplace of paragliding
In June 1978, three parachutists, Jean – Claude Bétemps, André Bohn and Gérard Bosson jumped off the summit Pertuiset for the first time with a parachute in order to avoid the rising costs of plane travel. A little later, they founded the first nursery club…Mieussy: a base camp for hikers
The chapel trail: Starting out from the ‘La Fruitière’, you can discover 6 chapels (Notre Dame de Barbey, Saint-Grat, Messy, Leÿ, Quincy and Saint-Denis).
There are 3 spectacular trails to reach the alpine pastures in Sommand: via the Pas du Saix, Le Jourdy cave or the paved path and St Grat Chapel.
A multitude of paths link the villages between the Giffre and the mountain.Mieussy, its river and lakes
Here, both streams and torrents flow into the Giffre! Its waters change colour depending on the season!
The magnificent eastern lake Anthon is the perfect place for a spot of fishing. Many climbing routes have been created overlooking the lake.Mieussy, its alpine pastures and cheeses!
The ‘Fruitière des Hauts-Fleury’ & ‘Croq’Alp, La Maison du Goût’
is the village cheese dairy! Every day, the Mieussy farmers deliver their milk here for the on-site manufacture of Tomme de Savoie (IGP) and Reblochon (AOP). A glass-fronted viewing gallery (paid access) overlooks the production room, allowing visitors to follow the manufacturing process. A sales outlet offers a wide range of local produce, including cheeses, charcuterie, honey, jams, Savoie wines and many other locally-made items.
‘La Fruitière’ houses the ‘Croq’ Alp – La Maison du Goût’. Follow Lactasia, the heroine of a 3D film, as she goes from the alpine pastures to the maturing cellars and learn the secrets behind the smells, flavours and aromas of our Savoie cheeses. Production room with viewing gallery, guided tasting and 3D film.In winter, Mieussy puts on its white cloak again, and it is time to go up to Sommand equipped with skis, a sledge and snowshoes!
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