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Bonus points : How does it work ?

Praz de Lys - Sommand allows you to accumulate points on your hands-free card.

Every time you reload your skipass on our website, you accumulate points. When you've got enough points, you win a free day skiing in Praz de Lys Sommand resort.

So, reload your skipass online on www.skipass.prazdelys-sommand.com

Which skipass give you bonus points ?

From 9:00 to 11:00 pass, after 15:00 pass, 4 hours pass, day pass, 2 days pass, saturday pass, weekend pass and also beginners pass give you bonus points.

Your rewarded loyalty

When you reload your pass, you win points. (1€ = 1 point).

With 250 points = 1 day free

3 advantages with your hands-free card

- Practical: No risk of loss or deterioration : your pass stay in your left-hand pocket (without mobile, keys or any other objet).

- Ecological: It's reusable after season.

- Economic: you reload your pass online and don't have to go at the cash register to get it, you win a precious time

Rechargeable online

This card has a number composed of 14 numbers and letters. This is the WTP number or internet number represented like that : XXXXXXXX XXX-XXX
Your skipass will be validated at the firt skilift.

If you can't read the number, contact us at si.taninges.mieussy@wanadoo.fr