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Practical Guide


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Sommand, a place to commune with nature

In summer... :
Return to basics

For sportsmen : Trail, riding, hiking, climbing, paragliding … Sommand, a meeting place to take advantage of the nature and its benefactions.

For the contemplative visitor : Lake fishing, walking to the sound of cow bells in the high mountain pastures, hiking in the peatlands to discover the amazing fauna and flora.

Discover : In Pertuiset, the paragliding take-off area and its fantastic view over the valley. Not to be missed !


Fill your senses : live a moment full of vitality and relax in the heart of nature.

… In winter : Guaranteed change of scenery

Snowshoeing alone or accompanied by a guide, cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing… An entire universe of winter activities for you to take advantage of in the heart of Sommand.


Change of atmosphere and relaxation...