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Practical Guide

Praz de Lys


In summer... : Explore the mountain

Hiking, white water sports, paragliding, riding, mountain biking, tennis, fishing, climbing...

During the summer, go for the fresh air and open spaces of Praz de Lys, with activities suitable for everyone.

Discover : the Chairlift of Haut-Fleury : a spectacular panoramic view..
The chairlift of Haut-Fleury is opened to pedestrians and paragliders from the 11th of July to the 24th of August, so everyone can take advantage of the beautiful mountain countryside.

Enjoy your holidays, breathe in the pure air and listen to the  sounds of famous cowbells in mountain pasture.

... In winter : Winter sports for everyone

Snowshoeing, dog sledging, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing...

Amazing winter resort with the majesty of Mont Blanc before you !

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