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Practical Guide


Mieussy : birthplace of paragliding

" In June 1978, three parachutists, Jean - Claude Bétemps, André Bohn and Gérard Bosson take off for the first time from a mountain ( Pertuiset) with a parachute, to reduce the cost of using a plane. Later, they will create the first club-school. "

Very pleasant walks from Mieussy :


  • The chapel circuit : From the Cheese dairy, you will discover our 6 chapels (Notre-Dame of Barbey, Saint-Grat, Messy, Ley, Quincy, then Saint-Denis).

  • The beautiful small lake of Anthon is the perfect place to go fishing. Overlooging the lake, there are many opportunities for climbing.

  • La Cave de Jourdy, le Chemin de Croix, Giffre's gorges, Le Pont du Diable and the viaduct.

Themed hiking with a guide : stroll with donkeys, discover the peatland of Sommand, the Flora and fauna, aquatic hike, try " roller skis " (nordic skis in summer)…

Call the Tourist office 04 50 43 02 72 . We will put you in touch with the guides.

Croq' Alp: House of Taste

On Lactasia's trail, follow the curious fairy to discover the secret of the alpine mountains unpasteurised cheeses. Follow her into the Croq' Alp and explore this mysterious world in a fun-filled visit of encounters. The trip will end with a tutored tasting. From the gallery to the sensory analysis room and the 3D movie, all is designed for you and the family to have great time.

The Speaking stones

Once upon a time, a little mischievous devil is takenstraight out of a GPS... Come with him on a trip dotted with riddles and discover our terrain with its tracks and pathways. A guided tour by GPS, with games and conundrums to be solved by the family, in couples or in a team, and the secret of our valleys will be yours.

Information : PAYSALP 
ecomuseum 04 50 36 89 18  - www.paysalp.asso.fr

La fruitière des Hauts-Fleury

It's the cheese dairy of the village ! The farmers of Mieussy give their milk everyday for the making of Tomme and Reblochon. A glass gallery (paying access) overlooking the production room allows the visitor to follow the process of cheese-making. The shop offers you a wide choice of local products, cheeses, delicatessen, honeys and jams, wines of the Savoie, and many other local products.

Croq'Alp is inside the Cheese dairy.

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