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What's on

What's on


Wingjump au Praz de Lys

From Monday 12 to Monday 26 March 2018


14:00 to 16:00

The WINGJUMP, a product made in France, was created and developed by the Rip'Air company based in Talloires, specialists of paragliding, in partnership with Florian Arot and Marc Dejey; it is a new activity aimed at children, teenagers and adults looking for new skiing sensations. The target market: from the beginner skier to the expert, depending on the structure of the wing; from the simple skin (flexible wing) to the ram-air wing (flexible wing with inflated profile). The aims depending on the product: Enjoyment on 3 levels (slope / speed / sail); improve safety and performance with a braking system and a better management of speed; make teaching easier; allow for small gliding jumps with a soft landing; protection against avalanches. The range of products for both adults and children, depending on the desired experience, will be available to discover in the resort this winter, allowing a completely safe combination of skiing and fun in the air within the ski area. The principal of WINGJUMP: a sail which is worn like a jacket, making an aeronautic profile. Stability, fluidity and lift offer a unique skiing sensation, a permanent effect of skiing on powder snow.